Kayodé Wan

Writer | Content Strategist | Brand Planner

Toronto, Canada.

Kayodé Wan

I believe great storytelling has the power to positively augment how we understand ourselves and interact with people, places, and products.


Campbell's Canada Sales Sheet

Copywriting for Campbell Canada's Puff Pastry line.

Corporate Sustainability - Are You Behind?

Addressing matters of Corporate Sustainability is one very similar to politics – companies tend to campaign in poetry but they end up governing in prose. In other words, they make bold declarations about embracing green initiatives (beneficial to their employees, consumers, and industry) - but in reality, take the path of least resistance and do little or nothing.

Repurposing the role of Criticism as a Motivational Tool

Often when the word “criticism” is mentioned or used the accompanying association is generally a negative one. Many attribute the manner and mode in which such reproach is delivered as the true determination of whether or not criticism is productive or poisonous. For the sake this piece, let’s focus on the former kind of criticism.

Strategy: Do You Have the Right Definition?

The word “strategy” is one that is susceptible to numerous and varied meanings. When asked, people sometimes have a vague or general idea of what it means to be strategic in business. Recently, I came across an explanation that not only dispelled any uncertainty about the noun, strategy, but also offered poignant insights into how business can better embark on differentiation in today’s chaotic corporate atmosphere.

Accountants Should Be Collaborators!

The championed role of accountants as financial auditors (and business interpreters) is one that is as old as water. Ever since man took the concept of accumulating wealth and converting it into long-term prosperity, accountants have been trusted oracles providing advice – and in the process, accrued both reverence and influence.


Kayodé Wan

Effective storytelling is a war on clichés, the rejection of heard sayings and herd thinking.

As a brand storyteller, I approach business problems from a multi-platform perspective and find unblemished narratives that convey the solution in a humane way.



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